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500ml/16oz clear PLA cold cup

SKU: CF956

Product Information

The 500ml/16oz PLA cold cup is an excellent sustainable cup. Ideal for smoothies, milkshakes or juices! These products also work great in combination with paper straw range; see them here. Ideally suited for busy takeaways like juice bars or cafes. It offers great value thanks to its versatility.

This cup may look like plastic, but in reality it's made from a high quality bioplastic. PLA is made from corn starch which is commercially compostable. PLA uses less energy during the manufacturing process and is compostable, making it superior to virgin plastic. Only suitable for cold drinks. 500ml/16oz PLA cold cup is a great option for anyone looking to reduce their environmental impact, while also looking for a versatile and functional cup for their business.

Read more information about PLA (polylactic acid) and about Bioplastics here

As of 1 October 2022, the sale of these cups without a lid is banned in WA,  (cups are allowed for sale with a lid but must only be used to serve food e.g. ice cream, fruit salads etc.).


Dimension:⌀95mm x H125mm
Top dimensions:⌀95mm
Bottom dimensions:⌀55mm
Carton weight:12.5kg
Compatible with:
Disposal:Commercially compostable

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