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Lunch Box with PLA Window Large (1500ml), box of 200pcs

SKU: LBW5-200

Product Information

Lunch Box with PLA Window Large 1500ml, box of 200pcs

The large cardboard lunch box is an excellent sustainable packaging choice, thanks to is PLA display window. This allows the contents to be clearly visible, making it great for displaying food at a takeaway counter. The lunch box is also lined with compostable PLA, meaning moisture, as well as oils and fats, aren’t absorbed into the cardboard, making for a longer lasting and sturdy takeaway container.

- Dimensions: Height: 64mm, top: 225mm x 167mm, bottom: 197mm x 140mm

- Materials: Made from brown PLA lined cardboard, and compostable PLA window

- Quantity: Available in boxes of 200pcs

Read more information about PLA (polylactic acid)

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